Spectrum TV – Voted Among The Best Cable TV Providers in the US

Thinking of cutting the cord with cable TV? Before you do, let’s talk about why switching to Spectrum TV would be a better option instead.

Now, depending on where you live (or you’re moving to), cable TV may not be an option because you don’t have a service provider.

But, with Spectrum in 41 states, you should check if Spectrum TV is available in your area.

And when you do, here’s why it should be among your top picks for a new cable TV subscription.

What makes TV better?

On the face of it, switching to one of the many streaming TV services seems like the better option instead of signing up for a cable TV package. Or you may be looking at a satellite TV service.

But satellite TV is notorious for its unreliability – it’ll definitely go down in a storm.

The next concern is how many of your favorite shows are available for streaming or through other methods? And if you’re a big sports fan, you’ll find that cable TV is your only option to see them.

Finally, cost. When you look at some of the bundle packages available, you could actually save money by choosing to bundle your cable TV with internet and or phone.

Other benefits of cable TV include:

  • Access to live sporting events
  • Pay-per-view and on-demand movies
  • Not needing to rely on internet access to view your favorite channels/movies

So, when you consider the pros and cons of cable TV, you’ll see that it works out better to keep cable.

Now, the real question should be – which provider will you use.

The choice of cable TV provider and why Spectrum TV outperforms the rest

The choice of cable provider often comes down to a few things – cost, number of channels, reliability of service, and available package options.

In all areas, Spectrum cable TV either tops or comes within the top 3 of the cable providers in the country.

Spectrum is amongst the largest cable companies in the USA. With a customer base of 31 million people across 41 states, it offers a range of TV, internet, and voice/mobile packages and bundles for residential customers.

This expansive cable TV network results from Charter Communications acquiring Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. They then rebranded their residential cable, internet, and phone services to Spectrum. (That’s why you’ll find many reports of Charter is now Spectrum).

In the many reviews online, you’ll see Spectrum in the top, such as in the top 3 cable companies for 2021 by Review.com which praised the company’s “flexible bundle deals.”

Spectrum’s customer service ranks at 63/100 according to Consumer Reports and 61/100 by ACSI. Now, before you say those numbers look low, these ratings are actually above the industry’s customer service average.

Spectrum cable TV starting price is among the mid-range of all cable TV companies. The introductory first-year offer starts at $44.99, and channel options range from 125+ TV channels to 200+ channels depending on the package.

Across the various package tiers, Spectrum often offers more channels that most people watch than the competitors.

For example, in the mid-tier cable TV packages, Spectrum provides 20 sports channels, while most mid-tiered cable TV packages average around 10 channels. So, you’ll end up having to upgrade to get access to the channels you need.

So, if you want to access more of the channels you love at a rate you can afford, grab a Spectrum TV package.

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