Tired of Bad Internet? How to Choose the Best Internet Service

When you’re tired of bad internet service and unsure where to turn next, it’s time for Spectrum internet.

Now, you might think that we are a bit biased since we offer Spectrum internet services, but here’s why we think it’s the best option on the market right now.

But before we do, let’s look at some of the signs of bad internet service.

Because, as the demand for internet access grows, service providers need to expand their capacity to meet these demands. Every day, more devices are added to a network, and more data is consumed online. This puts most internet providers under pressure and ultimately, failing to meet the demands.

Their response to your complaints that you’re tired of the bad internet service they offer is to ask you to upgrade to a more expensive internet package with better download capacity.

But what does this really mean, and why should you need to spend more to get it?

Internet bandwidth and speed – the reasons behind your bad internet experience

If you’ve ever thought – why is my internet so slow – then the culprits may be your internet service provider’s low bandwidth and slow internet speed.

Both bandwidth and internet speed are critical parts of a good internet service for home and office use.

Bandwidth refers to the volume of information that can be downloaded or uploaded over your internet connection at a specific time. The internet speed is how fast you can do this.

Therefore, internet speed and bandwidth are two of the main factors you should review when choosing an internet service provider. Because the service you choose will determine how many tasks you can do at a time AND how quickly you can get them done.

Why download speed matters

Unless you live alone and only use the internet occasionally, then the low bandwidth – think 3Mbps – many providers offer in their base internet packages may be enough for you.

But when you work from home, have kids attending online school, have multiple devices connected at once – including your many smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home – you are going to need more than the minimum.

You need enough bandwidth to:

  • Support multiple devices in the home (think of you in a work meeting and your kids in different online classes – all on different devices)
  • Stream various educational and entertainment platforms – without any data caps
  • Move more data at the same time to improve efficiency

Remember, when you have kids attending remote classes, and you are working from home, that means multiple devices needing access to not only fast internet speeds but needing to do it all at the same time.

If you can’t, then it will be difficult to function in those online classes and Zoom meetings.

So, when choosing an internet service provider, you need to consider how many people and devices will be using your network. You need to think about what sort of activities they’ll be doing and what usage requirements are needed.

Often, download bandwidth is more important than upload. (Download bandwidth means how much data you pull from the internet, while upload refers to sending data out to the internet.)

But if you’re working from home or attending remote classes, you need bandwidth support to be able to send files and make video calls as well.

How Spectrum internet handles bandwidth and speed

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in its household broadband guide for download speeds, the average home needs 12-25 Mbps. They’ve also outlined a broadband speed guide that shows the minimum download speed needed for certain activities.

Each activity and device will need a certain amount of bandwidth and speed to work at optimal levels. Imagine all the devices that you and your family have connected right now to your internet, and you can understand why you might be having a bad internet day.

Still not convinced?

Let’s compare the minimum download speeds required for certain activities.

  • Netflix requires 3 Mbps for SD quality video, 5 Mbps to stream full HD content, and 25 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD content.
  • Hulu recommends 3 Mbps for their streaming library, 8 Mbps for live streams, and 16 Mbps for 4K content.
  • YouTube says it needs a minimum of 1.1 Mbps to stream SD 480p content, 5 Mbps for HD 1080p, and 20 Mbps for 4K.
  • Online gaming comes in at 3-6 Mbps, but, in reality, you’ll need closer to 25-35 Mbps to be competitive.
  • Video calls require a minimum of 3-5 Mbps, but if you’ve ever had a call freeze on you, then I’m sure you understand why it’s closer to 10-20 Mbps needed.
  • Web browsing needs just 5-10 Mbp,s and checking your emails, 1 Mbps.

See why you need more than the minimum bandwidth most companies provide?

Look at the minimum download speeds for the activities mentioned above and imagine if all family members are trying to access these services and the number of devices in your home. How much bandwidth will you need to get it all done?

Because even though the FCC says anything faster than 25 Mbps is an “advanced service,” you can understand why this may be the bare minimum for most households.

That’s why Spectrum’s internet download speeds start at 100 Mbps – the highest minimum for any internet service provider. It is built out on Spectrum’s hybrid fiber-coaxial network to meet the demand for fast internet service.

It is now easier to stream your Zoom meetings and work remotely and have your kids join in their online classes from home – all at the same time.

And when you’ve finished with work and school for the day, and it’s time to play, you can stream your favorite entertainment services. We know you will want to stream movies on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, there are also online gaming sites and YouTube Streaming.

Say goodbye to bad internet connectivity

Nothing is more frustrating than bad internet when you’re trying to get things done.

So, check if you can get Spectrum internet in your area.

We currently serve more than 31 million Americans across 41 states. And with download speeds starting from 100 Mbps, you’ll be streaming and enjoying videos without delay.

Plus, if you’re tied to a contract with your current slow internet provider, ask about our Contract Buyout options.

For available Spectrum internet packages in your area, CLICK HERE.

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