Understanding How Spectrum Packages Compare When You Need to Choose a Telecom Service Provider

Before you sign up for that new cable and internet service, let’s talk about how Spectrum packages could make the difference in your pocket – and deliver better value.

The end of the pandemic is seemingly in sight with the roll-out of the vaccine.

So, many Americans, like yourself, will be excited to get back outside, leaving the comfort of the many streaming services, cable TV channels, and the host of other subscriptions you chose to help pass the boredom of the last few months of being inside.

So, if you’re thinking that you just might be up for a bit of a switch, or you’re watching your pocket, then we need to talk about Spectrum packages. To understand these packages, you first need to review the 3 key elements of a good home service package.

3 key factors to consider when shopping for home services

If you’re thinking about switching service provider(s) or looking for a package deal, then these are three key things you should consider before signing up for that new home service package.

1. The available options

Is the provider offering all the services and options you’d prefer in a package or bundle deal?

With most providers, you can choose to select individual package options, such as a cable package or a streaming package. So, for example, here we offer a variety of individual service packages, including:

  • Spectrum TV Packages (cable packages)
  • Spectrum Internet Packages
  • Spectrum Voice and Mobile packages

But you can also choose to bundle packages receiving 2 or 3 services for a much lower cost. And this brings us to our second key factor in choosing a new telecom provider – value for money.

2. Value for money

In many instances, the cheapest TV, broadband and phone packages aren’t the best deal. On the face of it, the cost will definitely be good on the pocket.

However, you need to consider what you get with that package.

… Will you have access to your favorite cable channels? Can you watch TV and On-Demand shows on any screen you’d like? (You’d be surprised how many telecommunication service providers cannot offer this functionality.)

… Will the internet download speed allow you to stream with ease? For context, Spectrum download speeds start at 100 Mbps. Other ‘top’ companies start at 0.8 Mbps and 12Mbps. 

… What’s the cost to make calls and keep in touch with family and friends via phone and mobile in another state?

In a few cases, you’ll find a superb steal where TV, voice, and internet packages have such value and are priced so low that it seems too good to be true.

One of those cases is looking at a Spectrum package deal. When you combine packages, you’ll pay a single, lower fee instead of paying separate bills to different companies for broadband, TV, and voice access. And where the fee doesn’t seem that low, check out what you get for the cost – it could be that you’re paying for 0.8 Mbps download speed versus 100 Mbps.

3. What are you tying yourself into

Many telecom service providers require that you enter a contract to access their service offerings.

That’s something we can’t advocate for since our Spectrum packages are accessible without being tied to a contract period. (And Spectrum even buys out early termination fees for new customers.)

Non-contract models give subscribers the freedom to switch service providers without penalty. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for millions of Americans tied down to lengthy contracts with sub-par package deals and horrible service.

Further, the flexibility that subscribers have to switch easily forces service providers using the no-contract model to consistently deliver a higher standard of service to maintain their subscriber list.

This results in better service for you, the customer.

Bonus tip: How accessible is the service?

Spectrum has a wide broadband footprint with a customer base of over 31 million customers throughout 41 states. Not many telecom providers can boast that level of coverage.

So, before you sign, you should check if they’re accessible in your area and what sort of coverage you will get. Is the service spotty because they haven’t invested in infrastructure to support your area? Or do they have a high level of dependable service to support the packages and bundles you may choose?

But package bundles may not be right for everyone

Triple-play bundles – internet, TV, and home/mobile phone – are some of the most popular deals homeowners like to consider. Connecting all three of these packages is a great way to reduce cost. And some service providers even offer added specials for opting into a triple-play package.

But there is no need to feel pressured into accepting a bundle before you’re ready. You can choose to subscribe to standalone packages if the bundles come with more services, options, and features than you’ll need. But what if you decide that a bundle is definitely on the table? Then check to make sure the cost makes it worth your while.

So, review what you need in the context of you and your family and choose the option that best fits. If all you need is a very basic connection or channels, then a Spectrum package is probably overkill for you.

Is bundle pricing for Spectrum packages worth it?

We certainly think so when you look at the best bundle deals for tv, internet and phone. When you want reliable internet, an excellent selection of channels, and you hate contracts, then you would be in the right place with Spectrum.

Reviews of Spectrum place it among the top three service providers for Spectrum Internet packages and Spectrum Cable and Internet double-play packages.

So, while there are individual packages available, you’ll definitely save more when you choose bundled packages. So, let’s talk about combining the different Spectrum packages into a Spectrum bundle that you’ll enjoy every day.

If you want to find out more about Spectrum packages available in your area, give us a call (866-827-3031) or select a package or bundle of your choice HERE.

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